Concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble by Peter Senchuk
 Kansas Wesleyan University Wind Ensemble, Midwest Premiere, March 28, 2019
Rose Bishop, flute soloist. Carl T. Rowles, conductor

Iowa All-State Etude 2019. Gustav Heinze, Bb Minor - Andantino
Selected Studies for Flute, H. Voxman

Iowa All-State Etude 2019. Ernest Köhler,
Russian Dance in E Major

Selected Studies for Flute, H. Voxman

Nicole Chamberlain's The Cat's Pajamas for flute quartet was commissioned by Rose Bishop for the Cornell College Flute Day on September 22, 2018. 
Rose Bishop, Flute I. Lizzy Darling, Flute II.
Olivia Boatman, Alto Flute. Megan Hofeldt, Bass Flute. 


Iowa All-State Flute Etude 2018. Gustav Heinze,
Gb Major - Allegro
Selected Studies for Flute, H. Voxman

Iowa All-State Flute Etude 2018. Joachim Andersen,
B Minor - Adagio
Selected Studies for Flute, H. Voxman Recorded with Metronome, Quarter = 46

iHearIC Radio Episode 36 with Rose Bishop is now available on all platforms! Listen to us talk about auditions, full schedules, Durward, and more! August 12, 2018.

The Music House International Festival Chamber Concert.
Antonio Salieri, Concerto da Camera
I. Allegro spiritoso IV. Presto
Rose Bishop, Flute. Edan Sabah, Violin 1.
Daria Dodonova, Violin 2.
Nelsy Badia, Viola. Mayu Fukusawa, Cello.
June 2018.

J.S.  Bach's Flute Solo from Aria "Aus Liebe will mein Heiland sterben"